Acoustic Guitar Strings

If you play acoustic guitar, you are probably searching for great strings that offer best tone and feel really great to play. Curt Mangan® FusionMatched® strings are designed from the musicians perspective, from the ground up.


FusionMatched® describes the proprietary thought process used to create each and every single string gauge we offer. From our choices of wire, our custom-built machines to the core-to-wrap ratios we use and all of the key factors essential for the tone, intonation and longevity that we wanted to obtain for you.


We do not believe in “smoke and mirror” marketing for strings. The truth is that every string must speak for itself. When you pick up a new pack of strings you need to know that it's what is on the inside that counts; it either is, or it is not, the REAL deal.



It took several years of trial and error to develop a proprietary string coating that is a different formula and coating process from other brands and process that resists tarnish and corrosion without compromising tonal quality.


Please check out this video where you can hear some sound samples of Curt Mangan® Phosphor, Coated Phosphor, Phosphor Round Core, 80/20, Coated 80/20, 80/20 Round Core, Monel and Monel Round Core. All samples were recorded using same guitar with flat EQ.