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Medium Round Lite


  • £3.99

buy guitar picks   1.5mm 1 1/16" tip to tip- Symmetrical -    The Medium Lite Rounded is a very fast action guitar pick. It produces a warm sound and a big tone! A/B this pick with any guitar picks you are used to and you will be very surprised in the volume and tone differences. An extremely comfortable pick that is very easy to grip. Your skin clings to the pick. No more dropped picks! Great Mandolin and Guitar pick!  BTW, Jason Schroeder is in love with this pick, and I don't blame him. Fits in your fingers nicely, very fast action and huge tone. He demos all of his new models with this pick, and I am very honored to say that!   Here is a happy customer!   Hi Nancy and Vinni, Just a quick note to say that after the first couple of hours of playing with my ultra thin medium V-pick I couldn't be happier. I play a Hohner EA acoustic with Tusq saddle, pins and nut so it's got a lot of frequency response - I was having all kinds of secondary string noise problems with horn picks but your picks are AMAZING. Thank you so much - your picks have proved to be the final piece of the puzzle in getting the sound I want. I've been playing over 40 years so I'm not easily impressed but I will be recommending your picks to everyone. Thanks again Luke I hate you, you changed my pick preference after 35 years of every imaginable pick type, including hard to get real tortoise picks. I have to say at first I was skeptical, but now I can't play without them. Kudos to you.    

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