Reunion Blues RBX Double Electric Bass Gig Bag

Reunion Blues

  • £199.95

Reunion Blues has been making the world’s best gig bags for almost 40 years, and the new RBX gig bag line represents a fusion of our passion for quality and the desire to make an affordable, lightweight, and protective gig bag perfect for musicians on the go. The essence of this passion is represented in it’s sleek aesthetic design, from the Quilted Chevron exterior to the padded Blue Luster lining.

The RBX protection system features a lightweight multi-layer foam surround with strategically placed impact panels, and a dense foam neck cradle and endpin rest that keep the guitar safe and secure. Padded backpack straps, an integrated subway grip, and Reunion Blues signature Zero G handle make getting around town a breeze. A large but low profile pocket includes a cable loop and organizer and provides ample storage without adding bulk. And best of all, the RBX gig bag features Reunion Blues Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Gig Bag, Reinvented.™

Main Features:

  • Fits 2 solid-body electric bass guitars
  • Rugged, water resistant Quilted Chevron exterior
  • RBX Protection System featuring lightweight multi-layer foam surround, strategically placed impact panels, multi-layer foam neck cradle and end-pin rest
  • Zero-G handle
  • Padded backpack straps with integrated subway grip
  • Large low-profile front pocket with cable loop and organizer
  • Padded Blue Luster lining
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Michael League (Snarky Puppy):"There are no other cases I would trust to take my instruments around the world. Since I got my first RB Continental a decade ago, I haven't used anything else."

Anthony Wellington (solo bass player, Victor Wooten sideman):
"I've been using Reunion Blues gigbags since the 90s. Reunion Blues ALWAYS is, ALWAYS has been and will ALWAYS be the only gigbag I use."

Tony Campos (Static-X):
“My Reunion Blues double bass gig bag was a life saver for me on my recent tours to South America and Europe. A few times, the airline forced me to gate check my basses and would not let me get them until they rode through the entire baggage claim system, which meant they were bouncing around from conveyor belt to conveyor belt. I’m happy to say, the bag protected both basses very well, and there wasn’t any damage to them whatsoever. These are absolutely the best gig bags, period.”

Peter Skjold (Skjold Design bass guitars):
"Their Aero bass guitar bag is very slim, and very compact...(yet) still a very rigid, protective case. Reunion Blues are a great company to work with." gig bag round-up, March 2018
You couldn’t have a gig-bag roundup without including a Reunion Blues product. This company’s stellar reputation goes all the way back to the ’70s, and I’ve run into players who are still using bags from that era. The Continental Voyager is Reunion Blues’ no-nonsense bag for the musician who wants to travel with minimum hassle. The sleek, hideaway backstrap system ensures you’ll take up minimum space, and the reinforced, plush, blue velvet interior guarantees that your bass will ride safely, but in style. I loaned this one out to Nashville bass veteran Mike Brignardello for his short tour with Amy Grant, and he later commented, “I can’t imagine flying with another bag now.” That’s quite an endorsement.

The pros are: serious storage space, and a convenient over-the-shoulder carry option. Cons: none."


Internal Length: 48.5in
Internal Upper Bout Width: 13.5in
Internal Lower Bout Width: 14.5in
Internal Depth: 3in/ea
Weight: 6.4lb

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